Windows Firewall Control (Best Inbound/Outbound Firewall)

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    Windows 10 Chrome 94.0.4606.81

    After I freshly setup my Windows Machine this is the Number one thing I install (Forget Antivirus its CRAP) This is all you need to keep yourself safe from Malware online.

    Once you get the software installed there are only 2 Steps you need to take to ensure that you remain safe:

    1. Click On Notifications and make sure "Display Notifications" is selected:

    2. Click On Profiles and ensure "Medium Filtering (Recommended) is selected

    Once you have done this "EVERYTHING" on your PC will instantly not be allowed internet access... so a lot of you may freak out at first but if your just patent enough to deal with this... you will receive many windows poping up in the bottom right hand corner of your screen that look similar to this:

    And from here on out its very simple. If you trust the process and you know its location and what its attempting to do then you simply click "Allow this program" ... if you do NOT trust the application for any reason you simply click "Block this program" and it will not be allowed to send packets out to the internet in any way.

    This is the perfect solution because it instantly notifies you if a .exe or any software is attempting to connect outward to the internet using any port.
    Helps you monitor your system and know what is connecting to the internet.

    Anyways guys here is the link to the main website:

    Its 100% free and was recently bought out by "Malware Bytes" AV vendor.

    Good luck guys and stay safe out there!

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