Whoopsie Ransomware (By: RAT-Daddy)

Discussion in 'Projects Showcase' started by RAT-Daddy, Oct 11, 2021.

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    RAT-Daddy Administrator Staff Member

    Hello, users of HackerGrounds!

    This is an old project of mine that [Once] worked until I lost the code.
    The reason for showcasing is to inspire new or old developers on what you can achieve,
    Any feedback would be much appreciated tell me what you guys think in the comment section. :)

    Please note this was never used but for demonstration purposes only.

    With that being said, "Backup your files with care ;)".

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    BitmasterXor Administrator Staff Member

    Windows 10 Chrome 94.0.4606.71
    Very Nice Bro! I remember this project 100% Delphi Written with a FUD scan result as well on its output!
    Antivirus is a JOKE and it always will be, everyone please take note of that fact and remember to be careful what you download online!
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