Understanding Crypters (Basic Introduction)

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    Greetings Hacker Grounds Members,

    Allow me to quickly go over some of the basics of what Crypters are and what they can do for you!

    In short a Crypter is a program comprised of 2 parts (Crypter Builder / and Stub)

    The Crypter GUI Is the program that allows you to crypt your malware / binary so that Antivirus cannot detect it.

    The Stub or (Stub.exe) is the tiny program that the crypter outputs which has all of the logic code programed inside of it which runs your malware in RAM / Memory on a Victims PC.

    Lets go back to our basics, why would someone need to write a crypter?

    The answer is obvious (To hide something from Antivirus usually Malware)

    So to understand better why a crypter would need to be developed we need to look closer at how Antivirus vendors Detect malware in the first place:

    2 Main methods are used to detect malware (Virus Definitions Database & Heuristics behavioral Detection)

    computer software is comprised of Offsets:

    Heuristics take place when software is RAN on a machine.... the antivirus then utilize several techniques to monitor and detect viruses based on their behavior while they are actively running on an Operating System.

    So moving on to how Crypters Function:

    Lets talk about the Crypter (GUI / Builder) first:

    Now Lets talk about the Stub portion of a crypter and how it functions:

    I hope this helps you in your research on Crypters, This has been just a basic introduction as to how these things work, I will be posting more advanced in depth materials on these in the near future.

    Good luck in your IT Security Research Hacker Grounds Members!
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