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Discussion in 'Personal Life' started by BitmasterXor, Oct 16, 2021.

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    So many many years ago I began this site on the dark-web and one of the first posts I had put on there was about some guys at work treating me like garbage at a Tech job I had... well after all these years (7+ Years) I have finally grown up and learned not to give a FUCK about anything or anyone (hate to sound like a dick but you need to grow some thick skin if you wana survive this world).

    This video really helped me a lot over the years:

    So anyways the place where I work now I saw one of these guys and I approached him and told him I didn't appreciate the way I was treated by him and his friends at our old job we had together... and just by approaching him with a very serious demeaner I managed to get a fully blown apology from this dude lol. (What a fucking pussy) You see things are not always as they seem... when he is with a group of people he tries to compensate for something he does not have (BALLS).

    Also I had a bad experience with my GF and broke it off with her sometime back... long story short she stole 3K from me (and a lot more if im being honest) and got with some other dude then used that money to pay for a cruise, when they got down to the ship port she got sick with covid and had to be hospitalized so they never went on the cruise LOL so my money was basically thrown to the wind, and honestly I'm glad I would have rather it went to anything else but her... now I don't wish her death or anything but "Isn't karma a bitch" LOL!

    Karma is a pain in the asshole guys make sure you treat people with respect and try to keep your cool even in bad situations.
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