I used to Hack Xbox 360's (To get free games)

Discussion in 'Gamers Lounge' started by BitmasterXor, Oct 14, 2021.

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    I used to use this probing kit to inject modded firmware to Xbox 360's DVD drives anyone remember these days lol!!!
    The software used was called "Jungle Flasher"

    Once you had flashed hacked firmware to the DVD Drive (LiteON Drive)... of the xbox 360
    you could then go purchase Dual Layer Verbatim DVD's like these:

    And then you could use torrenting sites such as "ThePirateBay.org" to find game image files for the xbox360 and burn them to the dual layer DVD's using software like IMGBURN:

    And Voila You had pirated a free game to play. I remember my cousin freaked out because Gears of War 2 was leaked like up to 3 weeks early and I got it so fast... he came over to play it every day before its release lol.
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