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    Hello Hacker Ground Members,

    Unlike most other online hacking Forums here you will Earn your titles.. You wish to be a Hacker 1337
    you will undergo some tests that my Administrators and I will monitor. If you feel that you have Joined our forum and have a title that is "Beneath" You please get in contact with an admin and be prepared to prove your worth as a Computer Hacker.

    Things to prepare for:

    1. You will first show us what you know
    (Best way to prove yourself is to show us previous works and Code)
    2. You will be asked questions on what you know
    3. If deemed worthy you will be ranked a different title

    Account upgrades however can be earned as well as purchased.
    Account Upgrades will allow you to upgrade your account so that you can access downloads for free and have a lot more features unlocked on our forum.

    Currently our account upgrades include "Premium" level access to all of our downloads and materials.
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