Premium Hacking For Dummies 2021-10-11

Hacking for Dummies E-Book

  1. BitmasterXor
    Updated for Windows 8 and the latest version of Linux

    The best way to stay safe online is to stop hackers before they attack - first, by understanding their thinking and second, by ethically hacking your own site to measure the effectiveness of your security. This practical, top-selling guide will help you do both. Fully updated for Windows 8 and the latest version of Linux, Hacking For Dummies, 4th Edition explores the malicious hacker's mindset and helps you develop an ethical hacking plan (also known as penetration testing) using the newest tools and techniques.

    More timely than ever, this must-have book covers the very latest threats, including web app hacks, database hacks, VoIP hacks, and hacking of mobile devices.

    • Guides you through the techniques and tools you need to stop hackers before they hack you.
    • Completely updated to examine the latest hacks to Windows 8 and the newest version of Linux.
    • Explores the malicious hackers's mindset so that you can counteract or avoid attacks completely.
    • Suggests ways to report vulnerabilities to upper management, manage security changes, and put anti-hacking policies and procedures in place.
    If you're responsible for security or penetration testing in your organization, or want to beef up your current system through ethical hacking, make sure you get Hacking For Dummies, 4th Edition.