Premium Embarcadero RAD Studio Alexandria 11.1

Embarcadero RAD Studio Alexandria

  1. BitmasterXor
    Improved IDE And User Experience!
    The RAD Studio IDE is the primary focus of the 11.1 release, with the goal of further improving features introduced in recent versions. 11.1 combines the high-DPI support with improvements to remote desktop access for closer and more effective team collaboration.

    The high-DPI designers for VCL and FireMonkey and the styled VCL form designer have undergone improvements. The new Welcome Page now offers background images, and supports custom frames with a new Open Tools API.

    The GetIt Library Manager is enhanced with cached images and a reworked UI implementation. The Messages view can now better highlight errors with customized colors. The new Items dialog shows the available platforms for each item, and the Compile dialog shows the platform and build configuration used by the current compilation.

    Improved Code Insight!
    Code Insight for both languages, Delphi and C++, are now improved. The C++ implementation, based on the Language Server Protocol architecture and cquery, has improved significantly in terms of quality and performance. The Delphi LSP engine is also greatly improved with most projects loading and updating error insight between 5 times and 30 times faster. Type parameters are now visible when completing a class declaration, including T in a generic declaration, and showing set types.

    More Powerful Compilers And Debuggers!
    Improved stability and performance of Delphi and C++ compilers for various platforms. The Delphi macOS 64-bit ARM and Android 64-bit debuggers are now based on the LLDB debugger architecture, which was already in use for the Delphi iOS 64-bit debugger. As a result, Delphi debuggers are unified on this technology for most of the supported platforms, as a way to deliver increasingly better quality over time. Moreover, there are quality improvements to the C++ STL and RTL, including better Delphi RTL integration, like improving dynamic arrays with STL iterators.

    Richer RTL, UI and Database Libraries!
    Optimizations and quality improvements to the core Delphi RTL in the 11.1 Release. There is also a new TURLStream class, a TStream descendant with support for async operations. Support for Windows 11 and Server 2022 in the TOSVersion data structure.

    VCL enhancements to TTreeView, TRichEdit, TEdgeBrowser, TLabelledEdit and TNumberBox, flickering and DoubleBuffering, VCL high-DPI and scaling. New Demo through GetIt showing the use of WinUI 3 library in Delphi.

    FireMonkey quality improvements to TListView, improved Android SDK integration, TWebBrowser, Windows high-DPI-related issues, and performance. FireDAC adds Structure View integration and offers support for MariaDB 10.6, SQLite Encrypted Edition (SEE), and Firebird 4 new data types. RAD Studio 11.1 also improves DataSnap quality and the ability to deploy a WebBroker application on Android. RAD Server adds SysAdmin endpoints including logs handling, backups management, and database validations, plus integrated deployment for RSLite.

    Integration And New Platform Targeting!
    Since the 11 Alexandria release, Enterprise and Architects customers get a preview of the new AWS SDK for Delphi (licensed from Appercept), and new releases are expected. Embarcadero customers also have access to free Delphi UI libraries to Python developers, and can also use Python libraries in RAD Studio applications. RAD Studio 11.1 delivers official support to operating systems released after 11.0 shipped: Windows 11, macOS 12 Monterey, iOS 15, and Android 12!

    Quality Improvements And Bug Fixes!
    The RAD Studio 11.1 Alexandria release is highly quality-focused, including a concentration on customer-reported issues and support escalations. This release provides fixes for 632 bugs reported on the Quality Portal site and delivers 30 feature requests from customers.

    Use RAD on 4k+ Screens!
    RAD Studio 11 adds high-DPI support to the IDE, enabling developers to work on larger, high-resolution screens. Full support for the latest 4k+ high-resolution monitors improves daily developer activities with cleaner, sharper fonts and icons, and high-resolution support throughout the IDE windows, including in the VCL and FMX form designers and code editor.

    FireMonkey for Windows now uses the same DP model (rather than Pixel model) of all platforms, offering a significant enhancements of the apps rendering on Windows HighDPI and 4K monitors.

    Use VCL Styles at Design Time!
    VCL Styles now provides design-time support: Prototype stylish UIs even faster by seeing immediately at design-time how your styled forms and controls will look when running.

    Viewing at design time how styles will impact the UI at runtime improves the design and testing process for modern UIs. Creating better UIs faster is especially useful when working with per-control styles.

    “The new high DPI IDE looks absolutely gorgeous! The great big helper though is the VCL styles design-time support, which makes it a lot easier to see how my apps will actually look and feel at runtime - a really big help for me!”
    Ian Barker, Embarcadero MVP

    Support and Styles for Windows 11
    Official support for Windows 11 provisioning with integrated MSIX generation. WebBrowser component for Windows, with support for both the IE ActiveX and the new Microsoft WebView 2 control (Chromium-based Edge).

    Enhanced VCL Form Designer to visually build native Windows applications, with live snap-to hints and layout guidelines. Enhanced Delphi and C++ RTL for 32-bit Windows and 64-bit Windows.

    Deploy on M-Series Apple Silicon!
    Compile for macOS (M-series Apple Silicon) and use the new universal package for AppStore submission. You can now compile for both existing Intel and new M-series macOS processors (Apple Silicon). Compiling for the newest processor versions enables the fastest performance across all platforms, and supports universal packaging for the macOS app store.

    “With RAD Studio 11 it is possible to compile binaries for macOS ARM. Since the new M1 processor is incredibly fast it is more than important to create native apps for it. That's why RAD Studio 11 is a must have for every Delphi Developer!
    Roman Kassebaum, IRK

    Compile for Android API 30!
    Android API and Libraries updated - API 30, Google Play V3, Android X. Keep current with the latest requirements for Android as the platform evolves.

    This includes the latest billing API (required by Google Play Store). Enhanced Delphi and C++ RTL for Android, with support for Android API level 30. Support for the new “AndroidX” libraries. In-app purchase component to help monetize your applications. Android solution Google Play Billing Library Version 4. Enhanced FireMonkey Application Platform for creating native Android ARMv7 applications for Android 11, 10, Pie (9.0), Oreo (8.1)

    Work Remotely!
    Improved Remote Desktop Support for VCL and IDE, helping developers working remotely from the office. Enhanced debugging for remote and local 64-bit Windows applications and macOS 64-bit applications (Intel and ARM). Enhanced remote desktop support boosts your team’s efficiency and improves your bottom line.